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About The Little Green Orca

I came to the UK in 2006 from South East Asia. I came from a culture which was emerging from years of poverty to become a nation of voracious consumers. Environmental concerns were, understandably perhaps, not on most people's agenda. Coming to the UK I was made aware of the desperate situation our planet is in and this inspired me to leave my comfortable accounting job and dedicate myself to try to change our consumer habits. None of us want to go back in time and give up our comforts, but there is an alternative and that's by using products that demand far less from our planet. And that's the key to sustainability. The Little Green Orca makes and sources 'Planet Earth-friendly' day-to-day household products from bamboo - a highly versatile member of the grass family which is finally being recognised for it's immense benefits. I really hope you enjoy using our products and please let me know any suggestions, ideas or comments you may have -




Our bamboo: we carefully source and make products from Moso bamboo, one of the most sustainable natural materials, with a minimum impact on nature. Our family of suppliers harvest the raw materials with utmost care to ensure the environment is protected and nurtured for continued bamboo growth. Our suppliers ensure waste water is treated with care to achieve zero discharge, thus preventing environmental pollution.  We also ensure our suppliers pay their workers a decent wage and work in a safe environment. 

All our products are biodegrable and packaging is compostable disposable. There is zero plastic waste. We are aiming to replace traditional day-to-day household products with our sustainable portfolio and support individuals, businesses and organisations to create a sustainable way of living.